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Originally Posted by DRAB_81 View Post
How bout some pics gentlemen?

bruss01- I'm guessing since your bedside gun is a 590, you don't have kids? I used to keep a loaded handgun on top of my nightstand, but once my first child was born, I bought a GunVault. It would be pretty awesome if they made a GunVault quick access type mini-safe for shotguns & AR's.
No kids, and the gun leans up in the corner, atop the bedside table so it's out of the dogs way - cruiser ready (full mag, empty chamber) for grab-rack-bang reliability and safety. Pistols are equally unsecured, in condition one (chamber full, mag full, mag in gun) and ready to go into action with a simple trigger press. This arrangement may not suit everyone but we have analyzed and revised our policies over the years and have not had any issues with this setup - it is the best combination of readiness and safety for our situation.

Will try to post pic when possible. Maybe tonight.
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