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Default barnes x bullets with regular load data?

I am about to start loading up some barnes x bullets for 7.62x54r so I can hunt pig in the no lead zone.

I will be using the .311 diameter (I slugged my bore) 150 grain tsx bullets and I also got some .308" 168 grain tipped tsx.

Has anyone worked up a load for 7.62x54r with the 150grain .311" tsx bullet?

I have the Lee, Lyman, Hornady manuals but only the Lee (and the Hodgdon website) have data specifically for barnes x bullets in 165 grain, .308" diameter.

My basic question is can I use load data for a regular 150 grain bullet for a barnes tsx bullet of the same weight? Of course, OAL will be different, but can I still use the recommended (starting) powder charge? Anyone have experience with this? Doesn't have to be specific to 7.62x54r...
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