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I have to disagree with you buddy. The "RIGHT" to have firearms is just that. A RIGHT and not a privilege. Until you do something that puts in jeopardy your rights it is something that is given by the 2nd Amendment to all citizens of the US.

Listen buddy. I used to live in some of the worst areas of LA. I've had friends killed by gun violence, family members subjected to home invasions and guns pointed in my face. I've thought about applying for a CCW. And despite the fact of an absolutely clean record, the possibility of getting one was harder than winning the state lottery. So I like many others I carried one illegally. Breaking the law wasn't something I relished, it was a necessity for survival.

I'm long gone from the crap parts of LA and now do have a CCW (not from LA) but looking back at all the risks of carrying a firearms illegally. I'd gladly do it again. Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.
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