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Originally Posted by freonr22 View Post
I never understood why not just upload the pics directly to cgn?
A lot of sellers do not realize that their pictures do not show for those of us without an upgraded account at photo bucket. They post their thread and see the pics and think all is hunky dory while those of us without an upgraded account or no account at all can not see them-just an annoying image demanding I upgrade my non-existents Photo Bucket account. Photobucket is really trying to squeeze the last little penny out from that website that they possibly can.

I recommend letting Calguns host them. Granted the great hack of Nov 2015 meant allot of photos were lost at this website but there are no annoying popups or advertising or account issues to deal with.


I could then see that really sexy Gun Porn Dragunov Tigr for my daily great lighter and shorter version of the Dragunov that you might actually take out to hunt with.
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