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Originally Posted by Lancer1 View Post
I have read all 109 pages of this post, so I hope I'm not being annoying by asking redundant questions. I applied 28 Aug, 2017. My initial appointment is for 21 Feb, 2018. I took the 16 hour course, and qual with 3 pistols on 8 Oct, 2017. If I have digested all the info in these posts correctly, "If" I am approved, my training must be within 180 days of approval. My training would expire on 8 Apr 2018 (180 days from 8 Oct, 2017). If I'm approved, that leaves me 46 days from my initial appointment, until my training expires on 8 Apr. Does the 180 day shelf life go backwards, as well a forward? I understand it may take longer than 46 days for the livescan, so if that's the case, I would have to train / qual again. If my livescan came back quickly (as I see the trend), would my training / qual work for the final issuance? Two days ago, Sac Sheriff sent me an email to upload two POR, and my driver's license. I did that, but I was not sure it posted on the permitium site. I emailed, they responded quickly to say "yes, we received your new documents". Also, suddenly, all my uploads appeared on my permitium tracker, the complete list. That is encouraging, but my question is, should I take the training / qual again to make sure my certs don't lapse? I'm the type who would like to get things done ahead of time, and I'm not going to cry if I'm not approved at all (I don't see that happening, I've been a good boy all these years, retired Navy with S clearance). What do you guys think? I want to go to Cordova SC if I have to do this again, I could do that next weekend, I've read that they have to close because of the lease expiring in June. I know, I'm a PIA, but thanks for any inputs you can offer.
Don't do the training until after your interview (ideally not until they approve you). It may still be several months until after the interview until you hear back. Doing it now, or even in April, may mean you will need to do it a third time to make sure you are still within the 180 day window.
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