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Originally Posted by Dvrjon View Post
A quick caveat:

Sac Sheriff told us they would move to 5 guns effective Jan 2017. Many of us got certified on 5 guns and submitted them, only to be told to pick 3 for issuance. They're still at 3 guns, and certs are only good for 6 months, so the time and expense of cert is lost (but aggravation was gained).

In June, there will be an election for a new Sheriff. No one knows how many guns will be allowed in the new administration. If it does open up, your certs may no longer be valid.
Just an FYI. When I picked up my renewed permit on 1/11/18 I asked about the 5 pistols. The gentleman stated that the 5 guns per permit and the credit card sized permits were approved on a state level and will come "some time before your next renewal. We are just waiting on the equipment". When I pressed for details he said he assumed it would be in the next year.

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