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Not directly related to this thread but an interesting quote from Zak Smith

Worst part about Nightforce-- 10 MOA per turn (or 4.0 mils). A lot of people compare scopes on optical clarity-- which should not be the first priority when you're going to use a scope for field-style LR shooting. The ability to operate the scope's controls are more important.

Most important factors for usability IMO:

1. knob controls (want many-click "large" knobs & zero-stop/zero-rev-stop is helpful)
2. reticle / FFP
3. exit pupil size & eye relief (makes it "easier to see" through scope / get sight picture)
4. optical clarity

It goes without saying the scope has to be "to spec" (ie, proper MOA or mils, and repeatable).

I had a student with a new NF, which is certainly a decent scope. But in just a couple hours of dialing to hit UKD LR targets, he was convinced that having a small, many-turn elevation knob sucked--- compared to an EREK or S&B double-turn, which generally get you to 1000 yards in less than about a half-turn.
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