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Dude, you're in you really have some options.

Within your price range...
1.) AK
2.) SKS (actually less than $200 and you could get a few thousand rounds of ammo and still be under $650.
3.) M1 Carbine (not really a rifle, but still .30 caliber, light and fun). Nice thing is it's a piece of history that should increase or hold its value.) If you go this way get a USGI one.
4.) FAL variant. If I were you this is what I'd get. A real battle rifle with a detachable mag and a pistol grip. *swoon* Might find one in your range, definitely if you bump up the price a tad. Or you can build one.
5.) Polytech M-14. Sell for $700ish give or take. Thing is, people say the bolts on them are soft and should be replaced, so that bumps up the price.
6.) Oh, I almost forgot. You could get a Garand from CMP. This is probably the best .30 cal autoloader deal going. Piece of history, forged receiver, real USGI Garand.
And, once you shoot the barrel out you can have it rebarreled for .308.

If you save your money...
1.) A really nice FAL.
2.) Springfield M1A (Springfields M-14 variant is referred to as an M1A)
3.) Another M-14 (Fulton, LRB, etc.)
4.) AR-10

Of could always get an AR, but that's not .30 caliber.

Check these websites...
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