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Well guys I went, took 2 hrs to get a lane. I spent 1/2 hr just waiting for cease fires blah blah blah. By the time I got the scoped dialed in at 50 yrds it was time to go home. No targets to post.
CZ455 review: I like the trigger out of the box although it would not hurt it to give it a tune up. The bolt felt a bit too tight, or I should say not very smooth. I'll have to look into a fix for that. I am not happy with my scope mounting. The DIP base works great but I need taller rings to get the scope out of the way of my hand when I work the bolt.
Once I got it dialed in I was happy with the way it held zero. If I did my part the rifle shot where I was aiming. All in all it was a PITA to shoot today but I do like this rifle.
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