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I'm very happy with Vortex Viper PST 1-4x24

Stout construction, clear glass... I love the illumined red reticle (quick acquisition like a RDS) - brightness settings aren't very concise - there are a few night vision settings that are basically "off" without NV - but every other click is true off which is a great feature, so once you are in the illuminated area, one click to off then click back to on (no hassle with extended turn to get proper illumination)...

Turrets have positive click adjustment, easy to read, and are stiff enough not to knock out of adjustment.

I have it mounted on an MR1, so it's hard to compare rail space to AR... but it's about the same as using an Aimpoint Pro (tube) style red dot with magnifier (might be a little shorter).

I really like this scope and highly recommend it! cheapest I found at the time was AIM - $450 shipped.

ETA: OP, I didn't realize you already made a choice - premature post... however, to address the question of why an Aimpoint/Eotech over a 1-4 mag scope - IMHO, it's primarily quickness... I use a flip to side magnifier on ARs - Aimpoint Pro w/Lucid 3X on a LaRue FTS mount and Burris X135 w/PSA 3X on an AR Pivot Ring (which is slow)... a variable magnified scope is a bit slower to dial in 1-3X than flipping a magnifier out of the way. So for that reason a RDS w/FTS magnifier is probably favored... in reality though, the small difference in time won't be an issue unless its for competition.

Having that been said, I would like to get a throw lever for the mag ring on the Viper - that would definitely offset the favor given to FTS magnifier with RDS.
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