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Originally Posted by Bouy View Post
My Aimpoint CompM2 is mounted on my M-4 here in Afghanistan. I zeroed it to 300 meters with my ironsights cowitnessed. At 50 meters in I just aim a bit lower if I have to but the rest center mass will hit even 300 meters. I qualified Sharpshooter with 34 out of 50 on the pop-up range and I wasn't really trying.

Don't really need zoom unless you want better target identification beyond 200 meters. The unit I'm with here all use Elcan SpecterDR's now instead of ACOG's or the EOTech+Magnification combo. The SpecterDR has a lever that switches between being a 1X red dot Close Combat Optic (CCO) and a 4X ACOG with crosshair. It's a very awesome one piece optic.

They used to run with EOTech+Magnifier but having the magnifier pushed to the side blocks some view and also gets in the way as it sticks out. Many went back to just using an ACOG because they leave the magnifier on most of the time plus it weighs less as well as takes up less space. A few still use ACOG's since the SpecterDR's are still rolling out to replace the ACOG.

I want a SpecterDR but at $1900+ it's a bit out of my reach.
Would like to hear more on the Elcans. When they were first issued to the SF troops, they stayed in the armory due to problems seen in training with them. They turned out to be unreliable and no one wanted to take the chance on real missions with them. You can search for several first hand accounts.

Sounds like they may have worked the bugs out.

Now for a LEO or civilian, they are 100% good to go. There is no credible situation where either LEO or a civilian could find themselves where a Elcan wouldn't hold up.
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