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Originally Posted by Sionadi View Post
What questions should I be asking the recruiter? I know right now that if I cant get my contract the way I want it I will walk out, but how can I get bonuses and promises from the recruiters?
You should go in with a plan and a set of demands, not questions. You need to research what job you want and dont give up til you get it. He will tell you its full and you cant get it til next October (random month), but you can ship now if you take (random) job. Dont give in, just say you want XXXX job (NOT FIELD, YOU WANT A SPECIFIC MOS) and you arent shipping til you get it.

I got a medical reclass in the fleet, but I shipped with the job I wanted and completed that school. My bro-in-law just chose an occupational field, and ended up with a horrible job in that field. Now we both do jobs that we absolutely hate.
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