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Thanks so much Skip_Dog!! Give me a call next time you wan't to go out. If I can possibly make it, I would love to meet you and go out shooting with you. I haven't been doing so well since the heat. Exhaustion/Sun Stroke but I have been working around my property as much as I can, a little at a time trying to get 9 years of mess cleaned up and caught up. So, if my wife decides she want to sell the house and get divorced, it will be in good shape and we can get the most out of it. Whatever it is will be all I have to live on for the rest of my life. But, I would love to go out shooting and have some fun for a change. I can use a neighbor's trailer as well as my truck. Everytime I go out, I have a box of trash bags and take out as much as I can fit and have a bunch of tie downs. PM me and I'll give you my number and next time your going let me know. Take care and thanks again!!
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