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Originally Posted by GrizzlyGuy View Post
Interesting idea, but I wonder how you plan to meet these employment requirements:

"In order to be covered as a "qualified law enforcement officer," a person must meet each and every one of the following criteria: He or she must be (1) "an employee of a governmental agency..."

"In order to exercise the privilege, the LEOSA-qualified individual must carry "the photographic identification issued by the governmental agency for which the individual is employed as a law enforcement officer."
I agree that it SHOULD be free to exercise your rights... however, until that occurs, this would be an incremental approach which would effectively allow an individual to Cary a concealed weapon for the protection of his/her family regardless of state or local municipality law.

Photo ID and employment are easily satisfied... an independent contractor working for $1 meets the legal definition of an employee... and a photo ID can be whipped up with a digital camera and a laminating machine.

Note this would not confer any special powers or privileges beyond being considered to be a law enforcement officer, you would have statutory powers of arrest within a tiny little jurisdiction in a different state, and then only for gross violations of constitutional law.

You would be Just LEO enough to satisfy the federal requirements...

Think of this like the town sheriff swearing in the whole town, (and a few other towns) as deputies just in case they need a posse some day.... You'd be surprised how little requirements some states have as to what constitutes a law enforcement officer.

There is a reason the ABC, animal control, etc. etc. etc. all get to carry guns... and it ain't because they have some magical qualifications... the state says they are a LEO/Code enforcement officer.... so they get to carry a gun.... Now expand your thinking to include the fact that ANY citizen can perform a citizens arrest on anyone who commits a felony in their presence... If a LEO who is outside of their jurisdiction performs an arrest, it is no different than a citizens arrest... they are NOT enforcing law under the jurisdiction of their LEO credentials, they are simply acting as a private citizen performing a citizens arrest.

LEO credentials are not a license to run around playing cop... all they are is a license to carry a concealed weapon anywhere in the united states (with a few exceptions... i.e. private property etc.)

With that in mind, how much would it be worth to you to have a guaranteed method of providing protection for your person and your family? Heck a good 1911 costs more than 1K.... how much is your life worth to you?
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