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Default A question about DROS's as Pertains to Pawn Return...

So, we had a customer come in to pick up a firearm from pawn. He paid the $25 DROS Fee, filled out the 4473, and went on his merry way to wait the 10 Day Waiting period to pick up his firearm.

He called back two days later, asking if he could get another loan on the firearm. His question was this:

If he received another loan on the firearm, and paid the loan off again before the 10 day waiting period was up, would he have to DROS it again?

I have never come across this before, so I was unsure how to answer this question.

I would ASSUME that, since the firearm had never left the premises, that it would be okay... But I also couldn't get a straight answer from DOJ over it.

Anyone have any experience with anything even remotely resembling this?
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