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Originally Posted by AleksandreCz View Post
It sucks using a BB rifle but hell at least its something and I still have fun at the range I would of course have more fun if it wasn't for these stupid AW laws. And I can see sending your rifle out of state for safekeeping rather than turning it in. But I would like to know why would you possibly think that our god forsaken state legislature would not pass a law such as this ? Something being Unconstitutional has not historically stopped them from Passing anything.
Its a risk we take.i dont agree with the law but complied and hope it gets overturned til then i plan on shooting my rifle and using my hi caps.Like said my friends who didnt have mostly got rid of their rifles and regretted it since they basically became useless in this state.

Its not hard for the gvt to find out who exactly owns firearms unless syou bought it off a street corner cash and carried.Registered or not theres sale recordsyes i know they arent suppose to acces 4473s but what is to stop them?

I will by an oll sometime so my son can build it up as a neutered version if he chooses.
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