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So, good news!

Just found out last night that I got a slot to go to the Explosive Ordnance Clearance Agent (EOCA) course out at Ft. Leonard Wood on Monday. Short notice, but this is one of the hardest schools to get into as it is in extremely high demand and the school is a month long with only 18 slots per course.

PURPOSE: To train skill level 10 thru 40 (E-4 to E-7) Combat Engineers (21B) and select Engineer Officers (0-1 to 0-3) with the basic skills and knowledge required to perform as Explosive Ordnance Clearance Agents (EOCA).

This course is designed to train students in the following areas: React to the UXO Hazard, EOCA Roles and Responsibilities, Ordnance Terminology, Safety, Color Codes and Markings, Explosives and Explosive Effects, Demolition Operations Refresher, EOCA Manual overview and Application, Ordnance Identification, Remote charge placement, IED Decision Matrix, Common IED Components, Protective Measures, EOCA Reconnaissance, Marking, Disposal of select UXO (in place only), as identified in the Explosive Ordnance Clearance Agent ID Guide in the conduct of Engineer specific area and route clearance operations, Reporting and Current IED Trends.

In a nutshell, it is EOD-lite. With the EOCA MOS designator, you are authorized to blow in place everything except dropped ordnance (air force bombs, large submunition dispensers, etc.). Now when out on mission, instead of having to sit there as a big target for 2 hours waiting on EOD to roll out and blow it, we can do it ourselves and continue mission.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get this training and I am looking forward to it even though it is a tough course. I pulled the academic requirements printout for the course and it is thick. It lists all the subjects you will be covering that day, and the next morning you come in and are tested on the previous days subjects, with a minimum score of 80% needed to pass. Two fails and you are dropped from the course.

But hey, it gets me out of Camp (Hell Hole) Roberts for a month and will allow me to have a beer at the end of the day.

Iíll check in from there as well and post pictures of the training ( the stuff I can, as 90% of the info in the course is classified).

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