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I'm baffled about why 22LR is scarce, but cases of .223/5.56 are stacked everywhere? With the exception of .380 auto, everything else is available locally at reasonable prices.

Why is 22LR the hoarder's cartridge of choice? Is it because it's cheap? Well, it's not cheap now, so why continue hoarding it?

Is it a "grandpa" round for pensioners to line up for at 6 am at Walmart, then go home and spend all day looking for availability online? Not too many people with jobs/careers/kids/401(k)s/529 plans will have time or extra cash to play that game just for the honor of having 60000 rounds or more stacked in the garage--with no intent to shoot it.

There's been plenty of elbow room at the rim fire section at Sac Valley which tells me all that 22LR is not getting used.

The 22LR shortage/hoarding makes no sense to me.