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So because I sell a thing, I have no ethics and will do whatever it takes to sell it huh? You people are unbelievable.

My opinion changed as a result of talking with the new ownership, and finding that previous issues have been completely addressed. Had things stayed the same, my opinion would have stayed the same. Things evolve, and I'm not so stupid as to hold old grudges after the situation changes.

I shoot plenty of matches, and push my gear myself when I'm not. I get out plenty. I too have seen S&B's go down more often than anyone ever talks about. Point in fact, every top manufacturers flagship optic has failed in my presence at one point or another. So to say "premiers break, so I'm going to use this other thing" is ridiculous. The new bushnells you seem to be so fond of are built in the same place as nightforce, I'm told. ... and nightforce rejected the design, while bushnell picked it up. What does that say?

So this idea that I'm crooked, or don't get out much... well you can stuff that.
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