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Originally Posted by Orkan View Post
Now this is just a polite suggestion, but perhaps you should get one in your hands... maybe even shoot behind one, before damning it? Just a thought.

No thanks, I have personally with my own eyes seen premier and S&B's go tits up and heard of even more through trusted friends/internet forums. At this point I would rather take the cardboard tube thats left over when my paper towels run out and tape two intersecting pieces of string at one end to use as a reticle rather then spend $3,500 on a "high end scope" thats prone to fail me and cause me to be caught in a repair limbo with the manufacturer until i sell it to a poor schmo too inlove with the concept of it to notice its a pos. Ill take a couple of NF/Vortex/bushnell scopes any day of the week for their reliability and ruggedness.
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