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As an over 60 woman with over 50 years shooting experience, I grew up on a ranch miles away from help, we had bears and other critters.
My Father wanted all us kids to know how to defend ourselves from 'predators' of either the two legged or four legged variety.
There was firearms everywhere, from the kitchen to the living room to our bedrooms and our horses and cars.
I have never been without them and I consider them another tool.

I cannot say that I am used to the incredulous looks when little 'ol tiny me breaks out my pre-63 Model 70 or my AR or my 9mm or my .357 mag or my .44 cal cap and ball or my .50 cal muzzle load cap and ball rifle and shoots tight groupings(not as tight as they used to be due to my eyesight).
But, hey, I do what I do because I like shooting firearms.

Side note: I would never buy a pink/green/other color weapon. I like them just fine the color they are!

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