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That tab on the back of the carrier actually impacts the hammer on cycle (it doesn't touch the rear trunnion at all. Check it there's a cut out in the rear trunnion it fits into making it impossible to impact the trunnion in that location).
It is actually a safety feature that keeps the hammer from being able to hit the firing pin unless the bolt is locked into battery.
What you have is either an over gassed system or worn out recoil spring.
My guess is the latter.
Replace recoil spring. Brownells sells them, and they are quite easy to replace on the assembly (I.e. spring comes off recoil spring assembly so just replacing spring NOT the whole recoil spring assembly).

Originally Posted by MrPlink View Post

I dont even know where to begin with this fail of a post.
I agree with this assessment.
Please don't try to teach what you obviously do not understand.
It doesn't help anyone and doesn't help your credibility either.
It's perfectly alright to just read, and not post if you don't know.
It can be educational.

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