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Pink is just another color.
Some actually like pink.
Some people actually like green.
Some people actually like blue.
Some people like the 9mm
Some people like the .45

In manufacturing it takes a fair amount of investment, study, research & experimentation (development) to come up with just the right color, texture, metal, plastic etc before bringing a product to market.
Then how many of those items to mfg, stock and ship.
Before shipping the item must first be sold to the dealer/vendor, they have to be convinced someone will buy it.
Then once sold we need market feedback which the market is hesitant or neglectful to provide.

Look around and you'll see many grown women walking around in many pink items. No one is making them buy and wear pink Leopard skin.
Mary Kay cosmetics gives away pink Cadillac's, a successful marketing gimmick.

Pink is just another color.


Originally Posted by BonnieB View Post
We wonder about this too. My best guess is some guys in marketing thought that Barbie-pink anything would sell to women. Well, it sure does to 10 year old girls. Hey, I like pink, got lots of it, which is tricky for a redhead. I particularly like to walk on the range with my pink camo Calguns hat on, and then pull out a big Glock or a .223 SA rifle. Watch the faces, it's amazing.

It's hard for women to shoot this sport, without becoming "one of the guys", which I do not care to do. So, more pink, teal (!), aqua, is showing up in my range bag, hats, bandannas, but I draw the line at guns.

And yet, I've seen women in gun stores, pushing for the pink guns. My guess is, they want to be certain to be able to use it, because hubby probably won't.

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