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Originally Posted by M1A_Girl View Post
KLD83, you go girl
Not all women are pressured into doing things. We do have a mind of our own. I believe the rise in women shooters is coming up, because are speaking out more. We want our presence know, especially with the current 2a issues. Yes, some women are barely starting out, and some have been shooting for years. We can shoot more than handguns, personally my favorite gun is my m1a loaded. I also know how to shoot a shotgun, pistols, bolt actions and revolvers.
you really rock.

To all the ladies owning guns, YOU GO GIRLS!!!

Originally Posted by M1A_Girl View Post
We are more evolved than some men believe.

From my observations, women tend to be much more disciplined when shooting and dare I say it, a lot of them can even put guys to shame when using firearms.

Originally Posted by mosinnagantm9130 View Post
The more women shooters the better IMO.

Yes and more power to them.
They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
~ Benjamin Franklin
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