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As a woman, my firearms have been picked out and purchased by me, not my spouse. In fact until I started becoming more interested in making my own hand gun and shot gun purchases, we actually didn't even have any firearms in the home. My husband is a corrrectional officer and a navy veteran that was also ship force security.j We both grew up with guns in our homes and taught to shoot at young ages. I'm not sure what CAL.BAR is trying to say here. BUT it seems like maybe all the soccer moms suddenly just wanting a gun to jump on board isn't going to really do much for keeping the vice from tightening? I'm assuming that's what is meant. I do see some shooters (male and female) who are oblivious to any 2A issues. They feel nothing with change ever for them as a casual shooter/gun owner. They don't seem to see how a small restriction here or there matters if they aren't shooting more than 10 rounds now anyhow? I have to HOPE CAL.BAR wouldn't mean that BECAUSE we are women we could hold no value to the cause. I know for me personally my husband is exempt from most of the regulations and restrictions and those infer to me as his spouse, BUT that dosen't mean that I'm ok with what's going on. I actively keep up with the bills both in CA and nationally. I make ALL my own firearm choices and don't need a man do anything for me, but I CHOOSE to be a wife and mother.
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