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Originally Posted by SgtMerc View Post
For the longest time i thought the NRA wasn't doing anything for our 2A rights here in california.
There isn't much they can do for a state populated by millions of low-information voters. NRA is never going to help much here, but that's OUR fault, not theirs.

Who will be a bigger help here is Second Amendment Foundation Ever hear of Alan Gura, Heller v. DC, MacDonald v. Chicago, etc? The courts are where "shall issue" is going to get fixed and where nutcase Legislatures like Sacramento will run into a brick wall.

Absolutely join and support the NRA because they're leading the legislative fight nationally. But they can never "fix" California. SAF has a far better chance of helping us here. Life membership is $150 Throw them a few bucks, help fund the court victories that are our only chance.

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