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Like what the lat two posters said. You live in Socal, your cold here is warm in other states, and they manage to get by even with their harsh winters. For me I like to go back to basics.
1. If you have a fire place, stock up with wood.
2. For clothing, layer up. If your body doesn't tolerate wool very well, there are synthetic warmers out there. Make sure head, hands, and feet are warm. Use wool socks. I used mine for almost 5 days in rain and cold and it has excellent heat retention and it didn't stink.
3. For a warmer bed time, choose blankets that your body will tolerate well. While wool is great, it may be itchy for others. I Personally like the "wooly mamoth" blanket. TAD gear use to sell them but they are expensive as hell. I found one in a local swapmeet only with floral designs, but I can live with that. If you want something different and toasty, try the old 4 season military sleeping system. It kept me warm and toasty in 05 degree weather, what more inside a house?
4. I try to stay away from electrical or chemical heaters. They can be fire hazzard. Since you have infants, you can try this to heat up their room. Buy one of those steam vaporizers from your local pharmacy stores. Put a little salt in the water to make more steam. Not only its a safe way to heat an area but a healthy way as well.
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