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I've bought a lot of guns from turners. The San Bernardino store is close to me. But every experience is horrible. But I know what I'm goin for and price. I even had a guy tell me they didn't have any dd parts kits. And there was 3 on the wall behind him. He told me that's not a parts kit. It took a manager to pick it up and give it to me. I'd like to think the other stores are much better. I'd hope at least. But I already know when I walk in that door I'm gonna wanna bang my head on counter. Like it was said in here. Do your research and go in knowing what you want. And forget about gun powder. They all look in the safe and tell me there out. And I can see them. Every time I find a good employee. They never stay long and ill be told they don't work there anymore. I hope they get the San Bernardino store better. I blame management for lack of training of employees.
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