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Originally Posted by OleCuss View Post
If the government is going to require firearms training in order to possess or carry a firearm, this is where it should be occurring - in school.

This idea that they will teach you all kinds of useless garbage but you are on your own to pay for training related to a fundamental right - is crazy.
I honestly would have a small bit amount of opposition to using real ammunition in conjunction with a firearm when teaching high school students firearm training, especially 30 or so kids at once. I see how it could be a beneficially good idea, but I also see how it could go very, very wrong. Take for instance (and I don't mean to bring race into this--I'm not a racist--however, there's bad groups in every bunch) the minorities (as well as majorities) who are gang-affiliated; that could pose a serious problem. They could steal a gun, and use it in a crime, or even worse, a school shooting. That would not only make us pro-2A's look bad, but it could also create more gun restriction laws. On the flip-side, as far as school shootings go, I think that the problem could be easily be resolved by arming trained teachers and administration with firearms--and arming people with firearms in general.

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