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I believe women could, can, and are just as affective in a front line position as men are. I don't think there are nearly as many women who are as capable but I believe there are enough.
You get a squad of women who are in top physical shape and they can hump the gear, shoot the guns, kill the bad guys, and send their friends off to certain death just like any other solider.
But you have to get the RIGHT kind of women.
I think the problem lies in the other sex. I believe men are to protect women and women to protect children as I believe that is how my God intended it to be.
I have heard first hand from other previous military women about how they were treated differently due to them being a women in combat excersizes and so forth. It poses problems with our current societal norms that prevent it from being a possibility. I think if it was a squad of just women it might work out better because of a sense of equality.
That all being said, I never joined the military. I almost did twice, my anti-gun, borderline republican, mother and step father talked me out of it. If I was a guy, I bet I would have gotten so much more support from them and would have joined. Ultimately though it was me who didn't join not them.
Would it have appealed to me a lot more if I could have gotten a combat postion? You better believe it would have!
Do I think we could do it? Yes. Do I think it will work and should be employed in our military today? No. Just cause we can, doesn't mean we should. I think it would put more men's lives at risk because of THEIR psychological tendencies to protect us. (talking broad majorities here)
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You're creepy old guy.

You not getting it unless you're loaded like Bill Gates or have game like Neil McCauley.

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The wife told me tampons are on sale this week. She can pick you some up while she's out.
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What ever happened to "While I do not agree with what you have to say, sir, I'll defend to the death your right to say it."?
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