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12 years ago i got so red in the face dealing with ASI over a couple of customer's guns they totally botched and fubared...I decided to learn tool and die and do it myself. Now I work at one of the countries- nay- World's best gunsmith firms. So I suppose I owe it all to the yahoos at ASI.

Love 'em.

Lets get real though... almost every product for sale on ther site is OTHER companies' product renamed and spun as if ASI invented it.

"extreme duty XTP muzzle brake?" John Masen. $199 INSTALLED- WTF?

"urban brawler scout rail?" Aimtech-

"ASI Maxi brake?" Are you f-ing kidding- its a MICULEK! AND TWICE THE PRICE!

This goes on and on. How anybody can send these guys a gun and money. wow.
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