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As others have said, just come and you can check out all of the different equipment in use.

As for mag count, I shoot production and use five mags - one in the gun and four on my belt when the buzzer sounds. I rarely have to go to that fifth mag but it does happen. I'd say get another mag, but don't let that stop you from coming out. There's enough 17 and 34 shooters who'll lend you a mag if you need one for the stage.


Originally Posted by ThE_LoNgShOt View Post
I want to get involved in USPSA matches out at narco and need to get some gear. I posted before asking about what gear I should be looking for, but I'd kind of like to be able to check it out before I make any decisions. Are there any shops in the IE or Orange County that you can recommend that have a good variety of holsters, belts, mag holders, etc?

Also, so as not to start another thread, can I also inquire about magazines.... I have 4 mags for my glock 19. Will that be enough to start with or will I need more?
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