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Originally Posted by Shenaniguns View Post
What I'm saying is that it's not a problem like many tell themselves, there is no "correct" angle and the "bulkyness is easily controlled by both large and small (aka a teenage girl's) hands. Too many people worry about some great "feel" in your hands when you're not shooting instead of how it shoots in your if you know what you're doing. On a side note, the Gen 4 ergonomics definitely helps out for many complaining.
After giving myself a real chance to like Glocks this is what I've discovered. The fact that its shaped like a brick and feels like one is a non issue when actually shooting the gun. I will admit that something about the angled backstrap may push some people to initially shoot high, but once again, after a little time this is easily compensated for and is a non issue. I wish I could say that the smaller backstrap on the Gen 4 Glocks really make a difference to me but I just end up putting a Grip Force Adapter on all of mine that the frame ends up being approximately the same size as the earlier versions. Although it is nice that I can have a beavertail along with a standard sized frame.
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