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Originally Posted by Snoopy47 View Post
Yes, itís how black ops are funded.

See, the government gives you money and then turns around and takes it out.

No one really sees exactly where it goes, and you never had it to begin with.

So instead of funds going directly to black ops from the army budget, it goes into soldier pay. Then it comes out as if nothing happened. But where does it go?

Does congress know?

There would be a lot less bookkeeping if they simply didn't pay you and gave the money directly to the contractors or DFAC operations, but for some reason soldiers have to be the middle man in this shell game.

Actually, you can see exactly how they fund black ops. Take a look at pricing on the NSN listings.

Hammer- $47
Budweiser, 12 pk, - $86
Paper, Printer, 8.5x11, pkg - $55

the prices above are made up, but the actual NSN pricelist is ridiculous. They skim money off of EVERYTHING purchased, not chowhall cash.

Technically you're not supposed to get seconds, but it's easy to get away with it. Just eat at the regular chowhall, then walk outside and back in through the fast-food/sandwich line to grab a bag nasty.

Every base is different, and you can't judge the chowhalls by branch. I've been to Navy chowhalls that were amazing, and i've been to others that were disgusting. I've been to Army chowhalls in the same situation. Best chowhalls i ever ate in were Al Asad North chowhall, Bagram Afghanistan Gym/PX Chowhall, some Airforce base in germany (i think it was Reinmein) and NAS Pensacola.

Some guys are saying you're gonna make more money by moving out in town and getting BAS. While this is true, you take the downside of having a first enlistment marriage (which fail 99% of the time) because commands don't normally approve unmarried servicemember BAH/BAS.

Eat at the chowhall, save your paychecks, be happy you have three hots and a cot. You could be in the sandbox munching dehydrated western omelettes or chicken tetrazzini.
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