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Originally Posted by TacticalPlinker View Post
Do you know which employee it was?

They seem to have hired several newer people over the last few months and I don't have faith in any of them. The good news is they don't seem to last more than a few weeks.

I'm not sure what Rob is doing. I guess it's hard to find good help these days, but as I said newer employees don't seem to last so I'm sure Rob is aware of their personality and their actions (voice)...

The bigger guy "DW" is a bit "odd", but he's good guy. I haven't seen him lately though, not sure if he's still there.

Rob's daughter and wife often work there as well. Judgement is "still out" on them because I have respect for Rob.

They need to get on Calguns. I'll have to talk with Rob next time I see him (after they reopen).

First off,

Blueline will be opening up as soon as issues are cleared and this is his daughter. Second off, Let me say that his wife and daughter do not need your judgement whether you are a loyal customer or not. My dad has kicked people out of his store for things less then what you just said. Third off, Marines, which im going to guess you are prior from your dont tread on me picture, do not talk bad about other marines, former and current, no matter if they Are in the Marine Corps or just in the Military. So while you sit there wondering when this gun shop is opening up again, and I am in Afghanistan on Christmas away from my family making sure you and your family are safe, rethink this post and the way you speak to people and about people on this website. Thanks.
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