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Originally Posted by OleCuss View Post
We need Chester confirmed by SCOTUS. Then you can hope to have the GFSZ's start to go away - both at the state and the federal levels.

Until then, I doubt such legislation will be implemented. There really are good reasons to be a little antsy about guns on campus (nothing that can't be remedied) so until there is case law that requires accomodation I don't think we'll have success in this kind of endeavor.

Not sure that a gun in a concealed or open holster would have helped her. Grabbed from behind can be difficult to solve with a firearm. Still, if she could have fought him off of her for a few seconds (maybe a stomp on his foot, smack the back of her head into his nose, elbow to the chest, and hopefully a knee to the groin?), a pistol would have been very helpful.

Rapists disgust me. About the only thing I hate more are pedophilic rapists (still rapists). I'd like a punishment system for rapists which would make them beg for the death penalty.
It might not have mattered for some, it might've mattered in some other cases. It takes one well-placed shot to stop a serial rapist's "career".

The fact that he can get shot is also a deterrent to wannabe rapists. Rape is usually about establishing one's power and dominance. As such, the kind of people who need to feel powerful so badly that they go and rape somebody who's weaker are, by definition, cowards, and thus are likely to be deterred by fear. It might not apply to all of them, but it applies to enough of them to matter.
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Originally Posted by SJgunguy24 View Post
Some people are so open minded, their brains have fallen out.

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