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We should do a million person march on Ball-Sacramento and the capital and occupy it, somehow do a blanket of the worst charges against all of them possible for actions against the COTUS, CITIZENS and DISCRIMINATION..... Face it, 'we' as gunowners are being PERSECUTED because we are 'different' and if the craaaappp hits the flapper have a means to 'ultimately' change things.......

Another way to look at it is gun owners are being discriminated just like gays,lesbians,minorities, you name it.... guess we have to also 'play that card'.

I KNOW there is some racketeering, extortion, coercion going on against us, just look at the bills.... you own something prior to the 'ban' and IF you DO NOT WANT to GO TO PRISON AS A FELON, you WILL PAY and ,violating your 4th,5th,and other Ammendments, 'legally ' turn over information that 'they can use against 'you' ....or if you do not and 'they' find your stuff you will not pass 'go' you go straight to wonder they are clearing the prisons....
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