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Default Prepping for a possible AW ban

Prepping for a possible AW ban, right now, is straightforward. Good thing is that even if the AWB never happens (which we hope and work for), this prep will still have you in a good position.

Here's the prep: Save Money, say 3000 dollars. The money is to buy two semi-auto rifles that you will register under any AWB that might happen. Think of them as insurance, and as sacrifices.

Here's the thinking:

AWB happens, and we must register all semi-auto rifles. You say, "No way, confiscation is next." OK, even though that's never happened (we had an AWB in this country before, and there was no confiscation), we as preppers want to be prepared, right? So you have those rifles you lost in that boating accident, and you'll go scuba diving for them after any acts of confiscation, right?

Great. But what happens AFTER registration but BEFORE confiscation, or if confiscation never happens? Specifically, what happens if you need to defend your life or the lives of your loved ones during that period?

You crack out that un-registered rifle and even if you defeat the home invaders (or whatever), you are now guilty of a Federal felony (possession of an AW). How much prepping do you think you'll be doing in a Federal pen? Can you defend your family from behind bars? How will your savings be holding up after 10 years with no income, and having spent 100k on legal fees?

So these two rifles are for that period of time after registration when we all still need to defend ourselves. If they get confiscated, then truly the S has HTF, but at least you are prepared for it. If they get used, again, you were prepared.

If the AWB never happens, the prep is still legit -- take the money and...prep!

Interested to hear your opinions.
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