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Ok first off, I have no problem when guys come in here asking about which gun to get their gf/wife. Yeah, the gf/wife should pick it out themselves, but do you honestly think that the guy is just gonna go buy whatever gun we tell him? No. They are just trying to get ideas to present to their gf/wife. Being rude to people who post these questions just gives us (woman) a bad reputation. If you don't want to help them out, then don't. This is a forum, it is used for information and advice purposes only. I have gotten a lot of great advice on here, and I can honestly say that if anyone was rude to me then I would not have come back to this forum.

When I bought my first gun, I had only shot a gun once before when I was like 14. I just bought my 3 guns in August this year....that is how long I have been shooting. Having no experience, I bought a Ruger SR9c from the advice of the sales guy. I LOVE my gun!
Anyways, my point is, what if the guy does buy a gun for his gf/wife from the advice of us (well some of us). If she likes it then great! If not, then they could always go exchange it. Is it really that big of a deal? No. And in my opinion, if she is just a beginner, she isn't really going to be too concerned about grip, etc. If it goes bang, and it is pretty, she will most likely like it. Once she gets more into it, then she will probably start being more picky about grip, etc. I really think that people grow to love thir guns too. I did. Ruger has a reputation for heavy triggers. Mine does, and I actually like it better than my XD40 trigger.
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