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Even though my wife wants a gun for self defense she really doesn't want to spend every weekend at the range. Maybe someday she will change her mind but today is not that day.
Than she really isn't ready for gun ownership for self defense huh? She should have pepper spray or maybe a heavy bag to hit someone....

She is looking for a tool not a lifestyle.
All tools like craftsman, washi, snap on, etc, are incorped into ones life. A fire arm is NOT a hammer or micrometer

So, how many guns will someone have to try to find the "perfect" gun? Twenty? Fifty? There are a LOT of different guns out there today and each has its own quirks and a different manual of arms.
Ok, first off, that just comes with finding the one that works, more over you have to be of the mind set to want/need/ready to use before ever buying one. I tried springfield xds, glocks, sigs, and etc before getting an XD45. I am SMALL, but found it to fit me best after spending the $ to go with a friend to shoot all his guns, to figure out which I liked best.

"Honey, the safety on this one has to be pushed up instead of down."
"Well, the only safety on this one is that the little lever on the trigger."
"The safety on this one also un-cocks it for you." (decockers still scare her because she associates a hammer falling with a gun going bang)
"No, you have to push the magazine release on this one forward."
"The first shot on this one is double action, then it switches to single action."
If my wife goes to a range once a month and puts 50 rounds through one rental gun each time she'll need two or three years just to decide which gun to get.
All the differences and figuring out them, is what helps one decide what to buy, if its to complicated or a bother for her, she either doesn't need it or have the will to use it, or get her something simple. BAM a revolver. I am sick and tired of whiney fembo's who are barbies about fire arms, knives, and other gear. I clean up well, and can be arm candy myself to a guy, but gheez. Talk about ridiculous! Most women just drive a car to drive to a place. Some who appreciate the fine lines? And know a beemer etc from a benz or porsche, CANT change oil, install a big brake kit, a new turbo kit, know how to remove a radiator, etc. Its sad. Its along the same lines with fire arms. And that truly bothers/annoys me. If you aren't prepared for what comes with a fire arm, stay away, youre just a liability. If you dont have the drive to learn about something to properly and safely use something DO NOT use it. You could hurt yourself or others unintentionally. Its like seeing the dolls at car shows, most cant do sh*t with a vehicle. Just stand there looking pretty. lol. ugh. I can stand there, look pretty, and itll be my own car not some guys hahahahahaa. If one were to use gun for defense? better damn well know how to use it, cause seconds are hours but blips in your own life. A mistake can end yours, or cost it in turn.
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