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Originally Posted by Munk View Post
I'm fine with this reasoning.

To my knowledge, If it's an FFL transfer that isn't a PPT, they can refuse it.

If they have an exclusivity agreement from a manufacturer, then they are probably going above and beyond their requirements by refusing such transfers, but are still within their rights to do so.

Does it make them look bad in my eyes? Yes, but for most customers it won't matter.
I'm not saying they didn't have the right to refuse it, I just don't think it made much sense to do so.

$75 (or whatever the total amount for transfer and fees would be) is still more than $0 which is what they ended up getting from me. Had they had the rifle in stock I would have got it from them, and it wasn't like they had 50 sitting on the shelf and I was just trying to get it cheaper from somewhere else. I was just wanting to get it within this calendar year.

I ended up going to Parallax and building my own.
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