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Originally Posted by Kolo589 View Post
I was told that by DGM too.

I went in to see if they had an specific AR in stock and they didn't, but I knew of a place online that had them in stock so I asked if they'd do an out-of-state transfer for that particular rifle and they said "We can order it for you from the manufacturer, but it'll be probably 5 or 6 months since they're back ordered. Since we're a distributor for that brand we don't do transfers for their guns from other shops."

My initial in my head reaction was "Well **** you too." I declined the offer to order it for me, thanked them for their time and walked out of the store.

I bought one pistol from them and it went relatively smoothly but beyond that I don't think I'll purchase from them again. Too much FUD and BS.
I'm fine with this reasoning.

To my knowledge, If it's an FFL transfer that isn't a PPT, they can refuse it.

If they have an exclusivity agreement from a manufacturer, then they are probably going above and beyond their requirements by refusing such transfers, but are still within their rights to do so.

Does it make them look bad in my eyes? Yes, but for most customers it won't matter.
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1911's instill fairy dust in the bullets, making them more deadly.
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