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I've had no problems with DGM but will make this suggestion about gun shops in general:

When given advice that you believe or know to be incorrect:

1) get the name of the person giving that info;

2) get the contact info for the person who manages or owns the store;

3) find the EXACT info that shows the advice to be incorrect (court citation, etc.) note that this does NOT include forums, "my cousin said...", etc.;

4) send a polite email with the erroneous info, name of the person who told you this with date and time, the corrected information, and why correcting that bad information is important. Note to the manager/owner that when his employees spread bad information, it reflects badly on the store and undermines consumer confidence in future purchases at that store.

If you don't get the employee's name and/or you use weak documentation to prove the information incorrect, your feedback to the store will not be taken seriously. And don't play the blame game. Be constructive and work with them to provide better quality information to their customers. We all benefit that way.

I know that as a business owner, if I received this type of valid feedback, I would follow through on it and do my best to be sure it did not happen again.
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