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Originally Posted by Shiboleth View Post
Any advice on getting the poly to go on evenly? I've tried applying it with a T-shirt, and with two types of brushes, and everytime i get either streaks and/or little air bubbles. When it dries i sand it with the steel wool to even it all out, but then it just streaks when the next coat goes on. Is there a certain way to get it on evenly, or is it just an issue of getting the coats thick enough to be able to sand it evenly on the final coat?
If your using the minwax wipe on poly I'm surprised to hear your having this problem.

1. Is it really cold in the room your doing this in causing the poly to go on really thick?
2. You should not be sanding the final coat as it will dull it up.
3. The sanding between coats is meant to get out any really small imperfections and give the next coat a better surface to stick to.
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