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Originally Posted by DREADNOUGHT78 View Post
Well I gave it a shot.....I think that I should have used a more red stain as they didn't turn out the color I wanted (USED GUNSTOCK). I refinished a set of Romy-G handguards and I did evertyhing exactly as you listed. I ran into some issues with the parts not drying as fast as I think it was just really cold and moist whee I was refinishing them. I tried using a infra-red heat lamp but that is a big no-no as it actually started to make the wood oooze sap! I have gotten 2 coats on the wipe on poly on so far and will add the third tomorrow. I will post up some pics when I am finished.

On another note my stocks had some large gouges in them so I tried using wood putty to fill but looks like poop. Oh well trial and error hopefully the next set will look better!Thanks Aimsmall great thread!
Centerfire systems has Romy stock sets for $12.99 here but it doesn't come with the gas tube wood piece.

I like to wait overnight between coats and/or apply before work and re-apply afterwork. This way usually allows 8-9 hours between coats which is plenty even if it's cold out.
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