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Originally Posted by Na-vah-duh View Post
Well after stopping by their new facility I can confirm they are not out of business (Yet) They literally moved to the building next to their old. The front door was locked for some reason. After being let in I instantly heard the phone ringing and it didn't stop the short time I was there. The woman ignored it and when I gave her the "stare" like go get the phone she replies If I answered I'd be on the phone all day.

They have a whopping 4 employes Chris himself who looks well fed to say the least, his wife?, some teenager, and a Hispanic woman. I got a quick tour until I said the reason why I was there then I was shown my way out.

There is no way in hell they are going to catch up this year or next.

You should of asked can you buy couple box of ammo while you were there... When they hand you the ammo just tell them you paid over 3 months ago. If they are still selling ammo at gun shows, fulfilling backorder are their last priority.

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