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Originally Posted by Mason McDuffie View Post
I'm seeing some great XD's! Gives me lots of ideas. I had the misfortune to go into a shop by my house looking for a new addition to the collection. The guy behind the counter had a XD40 but the slide had a mirror finish and looked like something straight from a rap video. He was so proud he could actually see himself in his pistol. I guess he said it took 42 hours. I'm all for people expressing themselves with their firearm but this was tragic to behold.

How does one get a mirror finish on a slide like this? Just morbid curiosity.

There's a whole thread on polishing the slide and the barrel on an XD over at Personally, I think it looks like s%^*e!, but to each his own:

My XD is bone stock, but of course I just got a day or two ago ;-) Only mods I've considered are a set of night sites, and possibly a working over by the SA custom shop (Carry Package)...

BTW, is an excellent source of information for XDs. I haven't joined the forum, but I lurk there for information. They seem like a good bunch there

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