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Originally Posted by arrowshooter View Post
Just installed a new "short chambered" barrel on my 98 Mauser and was wondering if I could just use motor oil with the finish reamer.
Motor oil isn't the best cutting fluid. If you're looking for something that you're already going to have on hand, something like WD-40 would be a better choice. You'll be making a light cut and doing it slowly,

But since it sounds like you have the skills to do some of your own work, it might behoove you to get the right stuff. Like the others suggested, a dark cutting fluid is good for all-around use. It's high in sulfur and chlorine, which will reduce galling and give you a better finish. A gallon will set you back $25. You might get a smaller amount at Home Depot's plumbing aisle. The downside is that the aroma only appeals to machinists and gearheads.

There are products especially made for reaming and for tapping. You can get small cans for less than ten bucks. Search Amazon for Tap Magic or Rapid Tap.

One key to your success will be the liberal application of cutting fluid. Sloppy is ok. In addition to other things, you'll want it to wash away the chips. You don't want them accumulating at your cutter or scratching up your finished surface.
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