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Sanity - I predict a booming firearms storage business in either Nevada or Arizona until this gets hashed out by the 9 black robes if this becomes law.

Originally Posted by HiveDR. View Post
As a Ret. LEO I say good luck collecting these guns. All I would say is "their not here, you can not come in my house, come back with a warrant and you can see for yourself". Next be on the phone to a lawyer and be ready to comply when my door gets kicked in a few hours later. This is a "concern" we have lived with as RAW owners for 20+ years and I am sure nearly everyone has their own plan on what and how they will address this issue.

Me, I can't give them what is out of their reach, and no, I would not use the fell in the ocean bit. Because when it is found to be unconstitutional and thrown out I will want to use my RAWs in Ca. again. But then again by that time I will be a resident of a state that believes in the Constitution.
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