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Originally Posted by randian View Post
No, it means that I can't make your previously legal possession illegal. I can make your current and future possession illegal.
Not quite so. What it actually means is that you cannot be punished for something you did, which was not a crime when you did it, because of a law that was passed which makes it a crime to do that same thing now.

If they make it a crime to own an AW starting on 1 Jan 2014, then you cannot own an AW on 1 Jan 2014 without breaking the law.

Example: Cocaine was once 100% legal to own and use in the US. On the day before it became illegal, you could have a kilo sitting on your dining room table, and you could be shoveling it up your nose to your hearts content. On the day that it actually became illegal, if you were caught in possession of that very same kilo of cocaine, you would be arrested, taken to jail, and tried in court for the crime of cocaine possession. No grandfathering that kilo of cocaine because it was pre-ban cocaine.

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